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Teaching areas

legal, political and moral philosophy, philosophy of the social sciences, Anglo-American philosophy, philosophical methodology


Current position

Associate Professor in Philosophy of Law, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (since 2014)

+ Coordinator of the Law & Philosophy Dual Bachelor’s Degree Program

+ Electer member of the Philosophy department’s board

+ Vice-chair of the Philosophy department’s hiring committee


Past positions

Assistant professor in Philosophy, Université Paris Sorbonne (2011-2014)

+ Coordinator of the Preparation for national teaching competitions in philosophy Program

+ Elected member of the department du Conseil d’UFR

+ Lecturer in Philosophy, Université Panthéon Sorbonne (2010-2011, 2006-2009)

+ Lecturer in Philosophy, Université François Rabelais de Tours (2009-2010)


Some courses recently taught at Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Bachelor’s degree:

Licence 2, history of the philosophy of law : Natural law doctrines (syllabus)

Licence 3, contemporary philosophy of law : Legal positivism (syllabus)

Master’s degree : 

Master 1, legal and political philosophy : Freedom of expression       (syllabus)

Master 1, moral and political philosophy : The public sphere                    (syllabus)

Master 1, Anglo-American philosophy : Theories of democracy (syllabus)

Master 2, Contemporary Anglo-American philosophy  : Deliberative democracy (syllabus)

Master 2, Contemporary Anglo-American philosophy : Freedom of Speech (syllabus)

Master 2, philosophy of ecology : Democracy and ecology (syllabus)

Preparation for national teaching competitions:

Preparation for agrégation & CAPES : Philosophical Methodology

Preparation for agrégation : Philosophy of the Human Sciences, Political Philosophy, Rawls‘ Theory of Justice




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Musiciens ambulants, maison de Cicéron, Pompéi

Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011)

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