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Research areas and topics

Political philosophy : democratic theory, collective decision-making, public sphere and public opinion

Legal Philosophy : fundamental rights, freedom of expression communication law

Philosophy of the social sciences : normativity and social criticism, epistemology of the social sciences

Research groups

Member of the Lyon Institute for Philosophical Research (IRPhiL, Lyon 3), coordinator of its research axis « Contemporary Societies »

Member of the board of the Labex Comod (The Constitution of Modernity)

Founder and coordinator (with Pascale Deumier) of the Lyon Research  Group in Philosophy of Law (DroitPhiL, Lyon 3)

Associate member of the Raymond Aron Center for Political and Sociological Research (CESPRA, EHESS)

Board Member of the French Society for Legal and Political Philosophy and Theory (SFPJ)

Current research programs

Program Leader : « Freedom of expression and equal participation » (EGALIBEX), funded by the French National Agency for Research, Young Scholar Program 2018-2022.

Program Leader « Freedom of expression: genealogies, models, institutions », funded by the LabEx COMOD, Université de Lyon, 2018-2021

Current research seminars

Normative Political Philosophy Seminar, CESPRA (EHESS, Paris)

DroitPhiL Seminar in Legal Philosophy DroitPhiL (Lyon 3)

Freedom of Expression Seminar, ANR Egalibex/ Labex COMOD



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Musiciens ambulants, maison de Cicéron, Pompéi

Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011)

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